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IC-250 – Industrial Carry Deck Crane


Height                             : 7′ 11″
Width                              : 7′ 10″
Main Boom                    : 50
Lifting Capacity            : 30,000 lbs. (18 Tons)
Max Tip Height            : 79′ 6″ (with Boom Extension)
Boom Rotation             : 360° Continuous
Gross Vehicle Weight : 37,700 lbs. (17,100 kg)




Major Standard Features

Capacity on Outriggers                         :  36,000 lbs (16,330 kg)
Pick and Carry Capacity                      :  18,500 lbs (8,400 kg)
Self-Loading Carry Deck Capacity   :  17,000 lbs (centered)
Height                                                            :  7’ 11” (2.41 m)
Width                                                             :  7’ 10” (2.39 m)
Maximum Tip Height                           :  79’ 6” (24.23 m) (with Boom Extension)
Maximum Horizontal Reach             :   70’ (21.36 m) (with Boom Extension)


  • Self-Loading Carry Deck provides practical load-carrying ability.
  • Sequentially Extending/Retracting 4-Section Boom with continuous 360 degree swing rotation turret. Simplicity of the worm drive gear box results in greater reliability.
  • Hoisting with a hydraulically-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system provides all the low speed power to lift heavy loads, yet also a high speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.
  • Hydraulic Power is provided by a direct driven tandem pump delivering 29 gpm.
  • Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stops boom functions in the event of overloads.
  • Multiple Steering Configurations, including 4-Wheel Steer, where the front and rear wheels steer in opposite directions, permits a very tight turning radius for quick positioning in constrained spaces. Operator can quickly switch between rear-wheel steering, 4-wheel, or crab steering, aided by electronic sensors and a control box that automatically align the steering after a new mode is selected. Rear wheels steer in two-wheel drive mode.
  • EPA Tier-4(i) Turbocharged Diesel Engine delivers efficient performance, plus all of the low-end torque you need.
  • Powershift Transmission, with 4 speeds forward and reverse, minimizes bumps and jolts during shifting that is possible at any engine speed in any gear.
  • Heavy Duty Chassis Frame provides a front deck carrying capacity of 17,000 lbs.
  • Four Hydraulic Independently Controlled Outriggers
  • Rubber Mounted Rear Axle/Suspension eliminates sudden load swings inherent in pivot mounted axles; thus, axle oscillation lockouts are not required.
  • Drum Rotation Indicator improves operator productivity.
  • Outrigger Sensing on all jacks indicates outrigger position change, warnings when Jacks are not touching the ground. Each outrigger’s down and out position can be independently controlled and adjusted.
  • Easy Access to engine compartment and hydraulic equipment components simplifies maintenance and repair.
  • Low Profile Design ideal for tight work spaces and simplifies transportation by flatbed truck.


Available Features

  • Dual Fuel: Diesel or Dual Fuel
  • All-Weather Climate-Controlled Cab, with adjustable seat, provides one-position access to all operating functions.
  • 4-Wheel Drive improves accessibility when encountering severe conditions at off-road sites.
  • Noise Reduction Kit
  • Air Conditioning
  • Auxiliary Winch

Boom Attachments

  • Boom Extension 20′ (6.1m) offsetable to three positions (0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree)
  • Boom Work Lights—one to light the boom tip, one mounted to turret, and to light the ground under boom tip—to keep working during the dusk to dawn operating hours.
  • Searcher Hook – Nose Mounted


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