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Height : 11′ 2″
Width : 8′ 2″
Main Boom : 60′
Lifting Capacity : 30,000 lbs. (15 Tons)
Max Tip Height : 87′ 11″ (with Boom Extension)
Boom Rotation : 360° Continuous
Gross Vehicle Weight : 44,800 lbs. (20,320 kg)




Major Standard Features

Capacity on Outriggers  :     30,000 lbs
Height                                    :     11’ 2″
Width                                     :     8’ 2″
Chassis Length                 :     16’ 8”
Tip Maximum Height    :      71′ (87’ 11″ with Boom Extension)
Horizontal Reach            :      60′ (80’ with Boom Extension)
Gradeability                      :      70% (35 degrees)
Top Road Speed               :       23 MPH


  • Continuous 360 Degree Swing Rotation worm drive gear box provides greater reliability and does not require a house lock for transport
  • Sequentially Extending/Retracting Boom purpose designed pick and carry four section boom features the largest cross sectional mass in the industry—resulting in less whip and the ability to lift heavier loads higher with the extended boom
  • Improved Cab Access and Entry—re-designed steps and cab canopy—provide easy convenient operator access
  • Heavy-Duty Triple Hydraulic Gear Pump, with 82 GPM total system capacity, provides durable long lasting performance
  • Rugged High Capacity Axles withstand the material stress encountered at adverse off-road sites.
  • 3 Mode Steer—rear-wheel steering, 4-wheel steering or crab steering—to avoid obstacles and improve navigation. Operators can quickly switch between modes, aided by electronic sensors and a control box that align the steering after a new mode is selected.
  • 4-Wheel Drive with ample ground clearance improves accessibility and better management of muddy, snowy, slick, sloping and rocky terrain conditions.
  • EPA Tier-IV i Compliant 4.5L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine delivers efficient performance, but also the low-end torque you need.
  • Six-Speed Powershift Transmission minimizes bumps and jolts when changing gears during pick and carry operations.
  • All Weather Climate Controlled Cab with greater shoulder, leg and headroom provides much appreciated comfort for big and tall operators.
  • Simple, Precise Mechanical over Hydraulic Controls, both intuitive and easy to learn, provide the operator with great “feel” and precision control.
  • Easy Service Access to engine compartment and hydraulic equipment components simplifies maintenance and repair.
  • Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stopping boom functions in the event of overloads.


Available Features

  • Auxiliary Front Winch controlled with a single lever on the operator console.
  • 20-Ft Offsettable Boom Extension, with three settings: inline, and offsets of either 15 or 30 degrees.
  • Boom Work Lights—one to light the boom tip, one mounted to turret, and to light the ground under boom tip—to keep working during the dusk to dawn operating hours.
  • Air Conditioning



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